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Mix It Up

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If there’s a flower or particular décor you just can’t do without, Lopez suggests incorporating it into some areas, but not others. Not only will you get what you want, but you’ll also make an impression on guests. “We recommend not making every table the same so that when guests walk into the space they see different heights and styles on the tables,” she says.
Lopez usually mixes in three to five different styles. For instance, setting the head table with a contrasting colored linen or one with a different fabric than the rest of the tables can set it apart and help with cost. “We might put a real expensive linen on the head table to add texture and then put less expensive linens on guest tables. They’ll complement each other, so you really notice the difference in colors and texture,” explains Lopez, noting that you can vary linens throughout all the tables for impact.
Same is true with flowers. “To cut the cost of flowers, we might add tall wrought iron chandeliers with flowers around the base on some tables and large pillar candles in hurricanes with flowers in a wreath around the glass on other tables,” explains Lopez.
Tom-Nellis says contrasting the entire color scheme of the ceremony from the reception can make a big impact. “We might have all white flowers or lighter tones and décor at ceremony and go with colorful décor at the reception, or vice versa. It sets the two apart,” she says.

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